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Hello Shoppers! Welcome to our website where we have a humble selection of Funny, Clever and Sexy T-Shirts and other items for sale. Our goal is to create at least one new shirt design per month, along with decals and whatever else we can think of that our customers would like.

So why buy from us instead of those "other" guys?

Well, first of all, we use a higher quality of shirt but we have priced them less than the "other" guys that use the least expensive brands, like Gildan. Our shirts are just $9.99 for standard sizes. Don't get us wrong, we'll use Gildan shirts too when our customers want that but what we really want is for you to WANT to wear our shirts. So we have searched for a brand that is affordable yet very comfortable and we like the cut of the shirt too... not as box-like in style. So far the input received on the comfort of our shirts is great.

Secondly we print and design our own shirts... so this keeps the business in the USA (this is a big deal for us) and it enables us to quickly turn around orders.

Thirdly we don't jack up the shipping charge to make up the difference for our low prices. Shipping is a flat rate of $3.00 no matter what or how much you order.

And finally because we have searched for comfortable shirts and we do the work ourselves (you might be surprised at the number of companies that don't actually print their own stuff) we feel our level of customer service to you is above and beyond. We are confident you will like the product and if you don't for some reason...we WILL make it right. Happy customers are repeat customers and we want that as well as you.

So please check out our shirts and other products and buy something... we'll do our best to keep adding products that you'll enjoy in the future and will provide the customer service you deserve.

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